Coach Mike

Manning the sidelines of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce, Colorado was a true coaching highlight. It was our girls senior night and we won 2-1.

Manning the sidelines of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce, Colorado was a true coaching highlight. It was our girls senior night and we won 2-1.

Coaching Experience:
Co-Head Coach - Boise State University Women's Club Team (Boise, Idaho)
Assistant Coach - Boise Nationals 2005 Boys Red Team  (Boise, Idaho)
Head Coach - Legend High School Boys JV Team (Parker, Colorado)
Head Coach - Real Colorado 2000 Girls Gold Team (Parker, Colorado)
Associate Head Coach & Director of Goalkeeping - Legend High School Girls Varsity Team (Parker, Colorado)
Associate Head Coach & Goalkeeper Coach - Sheldon High School Girls Team (Eugene, Oregon)
Assistant Coach - Eugene Timbers Futbol Club (Eugene, Oregon)
Head Coach - Portland State University Women’s Club Team (Portland, Oregon)

Coaching Licenses:
USSF D License Phase 1 (August 2015)
USSF E License (January 2015)
NFHS - Coaching Fundamentals Certification (July 2014)
SMWW - Soccer Management & Scouting Certification (August 2010)

Private Coaching Sessions
Feel free to visit my Coach Up profile to book private training sessions through the well-renowned site. Or feel free to message me via the contact information listed on my bio page. Thanks! 

While soccer is truly a team sport, it is critical that each individual player be as stout and well-rounded within their own game as possible. A strong team is one in which each of the 18 players is capable and sound in all facets of the game. Often times, young players find themselves only training within the structured atmosphere at organized team sessions. I highly recommend that players of all ages and abilities train on their own, whether alone in the backyard, with friends at a park, or 1 on 1 with a coach, all are imperative for improving. 

It doesn’t matter what age, position, gender, skill level, etc. I thrive on working with young athletes who want to improve! My approach is simple, but not easy… In order for any player to upgrade their soccer ability, it is key that they become students of the game. I teach players to look at the sport as if it is an area of study, much like subjects in school. They must watch the game in a new way, view the game in a new way, and learn the game in a new way, which in turn will allow them to PLAY the game in a new way. 

I currently reside in back in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio and am happy to privately train any player who desires to enhance their game. Feel free to contact me (via the contact links at the bottom of the page) to discuss how I can help your favorite developing player progress their abilities. 

“My daughter Tannyr grew leaps and bounds from coach Mikes private soccer sessions. Her ball skills, speed, strength and agility increased at such a high rate that she was brought up from JV to varsity in the same season. My daughter had been playing competitive soccer since age 11 however, it only took a few sessions a week with coach Mike to hone her skills and bring her to a higher level of play. I was so impressed by her growth I asked Mike to train with me in the gym and I too saw immediate changes in my body training 3x a week with Mike and it only took 4 weeks to see major differences. Although, we live in different states now, the three of us bonded and created a lasting friendship as my daughter and I are honored to now consider coach Mike part of our family. Thank you Mike for always going above and beyond for your players and their family members.” - Sonja C.

“Coach Mike went above and beyond to help my daughter improve her soccer skills. He attended her soccer games and watched her game tape. He really listened to our concerns and tailored her sessions around her needs. He always made himself available for questions and offered great feedback. We saw immediate improvements with our daughter and she really enjoyed her sessions. We would most definitely recommend Coach Mike to anyone!” - Heather D.

"My son's training with Coach Mike was excellent. He's very knowledgeable and found some important improvement areas to work on. My son's left foot improved during the session and Mike gave us good drills to use at home.” - Raj

"Session was great! My sons first task was to review himself like a scouting report. Really made him think about his strengths and weakenesses. Proceeded right into to drills and sent him home with “homework”. I can see an improvement after just one session. Looking forward to next session.” - Aliess

When I did one on one training with Mike I felt that my skill level sky rocketed. I never realized how much the touches on the ball improve all pieces of play in soccer. Not only did my play improve, but my confidence in playing the game did as well. I felt much more comfortable with the ball because I knew the skill that I had.” - Jenna S.